Garnidelia's two solo albums are recommended

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The albums of each solo project of Garnidelia, which is extremely popular in Asia such as China, have been released, but both are very good ♪

MARiA's "Utamonogatari"

An album that brings together famous creators such as Hotaka Yamashita (Ikimonogakari), Yohei Hashiguchi (wacci), Jin, Kayoko Kusano, TAKUYA (ex. JUDY AND MARY), Masayoshi Yamazaki, and Akimitsu Honma.

Songs with various characteristics bring out a new side of MARiA.

Two songs have been released as MVs. You can feel the skill of singing in the concourse with a gentle and moving feeling.

The other song is Harugare, who is famous as a Vocaloid creator. I like Jin's song, but her daughter also sings this song.

All songs are introduced below

You can also listen to it on music distribution services, so please check it out!

toku's "bouquet"

In front of Garnidelia, toku's solo album, which is also famous for Bokaro (SPiCa, which daughters also love), this is atsuko (angela), Yuka Iguchi, Kaori Ishihara, Sayaka Kanda, Konomi Suzuki, Ayana Takeda, Megumi Nakajima, Ichisei You can enjoy the singing voices of various singers of female artists such as Suzuko Mimori and Yanaginagi and voice actor artists with one piece.

The MV is also released for 2 songs

Sayaka Kanda's song is also very good

All songs are introduced below

I'm heavy on Amazon Music HD, but I think the bouquet only supported HD at the time of release, but now I can listen to it on ULTRA HD (24bit / 96kHz). happy! (Utamonogatari is also ULTRA HD compatible)

You can also listen to this on the distribution service, so please try it!

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