Get the Sanrio Characters Collaboration amiibo Card from Animal Crossing

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Animal Crossing is now available for Sanrio Characters collaboration with the 3/18 update! Please see the following video for the update contents.

Along with that, I got the information that the reprinted version of the amiibo card released 4 or 5 years ago will be released on 3/26, so I made a reservation at the Nintendo store on the day the reservation started and it arrived today. (Reservations have been accepted in the morning due to popularity .. It seems that if you order now, it will arrive by the end of May.)


Here is the one that arrived, 5 packs! There are two amiibo cards and a sticker inside.

There are 6 types in all, so when I opened it with excitement, I found that all of them were complete ...

I managed to get all kinds! !! (S6 wasn't until the end.)

What you can do with the Sanrio collaboration amiibo card and how to use it

What you can do with this card is

  • Residents drawn on the card can be called to the camp site
  • You can call and take a commemorative photo on Panny Island
  • You will be able to purchase Sanrio-designed furniture and clothes drawn on the card.

So, for children, the tension on furniture and clothes is exploding.

So, how can I order clothes and furniture? When I actually tried it, I could buy it by reading the card once.

So, I confirmed that if you call one person at the camp site, you can buy only the items related to that character, but it will take time, so if you call everyone on Panny Island, you can buy clothes and furniture for everyone immediately. became! !!

So, the children are playing with excitement (^^)

If you can get it for sure, it will be the end of May, but it is recommended to make a reservation at the Nintendo store.

I will post Amazon and other links as it may arrive, but it seems that it is currently at the premier price. Please note that the list price is 330 yen including tax per pack.

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